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Chapter 1 Laying Hands on Breasts?
Chapter 2 Spiritual Food Poisoning: Teachings on Coughing

Up Demons & Three Vaginas

Chapter 3 Homosexual Predators in the Pulpit on a “Campaign of


Chapter 4 Christian Hoes – An Oxymoron
Chapter 5 Giving Birth to Control
Chapter 6 Holy Keys, Holy Water, Holy Rags – Holy Shit!
Chapter 7 Speaking in Tongues for Idiots
Chapter 8 Anointed Penis with the Holy Seed-Really?
Chapter 9 Death by Deacons of Deception
Chapter 10 Perverts: Pretentious Humble Servants
Chapter 11 Self-Righteous Prophets a.k.a. Prophet-Liars
Chapter 12 Bait of Satan: Mo’ money Means Mo’ Prophecy
Chapter 13 Ass Whippings in Church by Christian leader
Chapter 14 Spiritual Harassment: Demonic Accusations &

Self-Seeking Interrogators

Chapter 15 Pissed on your Own Light & Now You Can’t Let It


Chapter 16 Robbery and Abortion of the Seeds of God
Chapter 17 Prophetic Text Messages from God
Chapter 18 Pedophiles Within the Ministry
Chapter 19 Sexually Deviant Talebearers
Chapter 20 Spiritual Pimps and Seductive Harlots
Chapter 21 Childlike Faith Isn’t Foolishness
Chapter 22 Witches of Praise
Chapter 23 Warlocks of Worship
Chapter 24 Charismatic Witchcraft
Chapter 25 Conclusion – What Can I Do With All My Shit?

S.H.I.T. Happens in Church

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